Types of pool: discover and choose yours!

Types of pool:


In warmer months, all we can think about is relaxing and cooling off; with this, swimming pools become an element desired by many. On top of that, the pool is a great place to throw parties and gather family and friends in the summer.

The pools can be of different types and adjust to personal situations, such as space, time, and expenses. But regardless of whether you intend to build a pool or are looking for a property with a pool, it is important to understand all the models and their main features in order to choose the type of pool that is right for you.

Of masonry and concrete

Swimming pool with waterfall and internal lighting. Swimming pool with waterfall.

Masonry and concrete pools are known to use a more structural construction system, require ground excavation and allow you to choose size and depth. Even though they present an aesthetically similar final result, there are some differences related to the structure of the pool.

The masonry pool has a more “homey” technique, which uses a simpler system of masonry walls with beams and columns that help the structure withstand the water. It is a much cheaper system, but less resistant and complex than concrete pools.

Concrete pools have a more elaborate construction system, which requires an extremely qualified workforce to avoid leaks and cracks. With a structure composed of concrete blocks, an iron frame and a concrete layer, it is the swimming pool with the longest service life, but also one of the most expensive on the market.

The concrete pool is very popular for the possibility of customization, as you can choose the shape, which can be square, rectangular, round, and even curved. Concrete is a material that allows this exploration of creativity in pool design.

An important factor about these types of pools is construction time. Both the structure and the finishes are complex processes that must be performed well to avoid future problems, so if you choose this model, it is important to plan ahead. Starting construction in winter ensures you can enjoy your new pool in summer.

Vinyl pool

Sinuously shaped swimming pool made of vinyl. Vinyl swimming pool.

With a concrete structure, the vinyl pools have their differential in the finish, made by a vinyl material blanket.

This combination between the construction system of the concrete pool and the finishing with a vinyl blanket is very beneficial, as it is possible to customize the depth, size and shape of the pool. In addition, the placement of the blanket is quick and cheap, offsetting two disadvantages of the concrete pool: the construction time and the value of the process.

Even though it is an excellent option, it is important to know that the vinyl material also has its disadvantages, such as maximum shelf life of 10 years, needing to be changed more frequently. It is also a very delicate material, so it is necessary to be careful with sharp objects, avoiding possible holes in the mesh that generate leaks.


Outdoor area surrounded by solarium and green. Fiberglass swimming pool finished all around.

The fiberglass pool is the most requested type nowadays. As it is a pre-manufactured model, it offers several amenities, such as practicality and agility in the process. Installation takes an average of one to two weeks, so you can enjoy the pool in no time.

With better cost-benefit and excellent durability, it is the ideal pool for those who want an agile project. But if you are a more creative person and want something more personalized, this pool is not for you. As it is prefabricated, it has limitations in shape, depth and size.

However, if for the advantages you were convinced of choosing this model, know that after they are ready, fiberglass pools can receive some finishes around them that give a more aesthetic look to the pool, such as wooden decks, natural stones and coatings ceramics.

Infinity pool

Infinity pool surrounded by landscaping. Infinity pool.

The hottest type of pool these days is, of course, the infinity pool. Creating an integration effect with the scene and continuing it, it has become a consumer favorite.

It can be made of concrete and with different finishes, its differential is in the system that gives the feeling of “infinity”. Equipped with a gutter on the outside of the infinity edge, pumps are installed so that all overflowed water returns to the pool, avoiding waste.

One of the current developments that has the infinity pool in a more innovative way is Normandie Moema. Inserted in the outdoor leisure area, equipped with a whirlpool, deck and lounge, the infinity pool is highlighted.

With a green belt on the side, signed by the Landscape Architecture Center, like all the landscaping of the project, the green area connects to the pool and gives a feeling of connectivity with nature, creating a relaxing and calm space for leisure time.

With glass

Recreation area overlooking the city. Swimming pool with glass on the side.

Currently the most expensive on the market, the glass pool is synonymous with sophistication and innovation. The high price is a consequence of the customization of the project, exclusive and unique since every project involves its own planning and structure.

To compensate for the high price, most projects use the construction system of a concrete pool and a vinyl finish, so it is possible to have the high costs of the glass structure offset.

It also demands an extremely qualified workforce, from the calculations to the installation of the stainless steel frames that receive the multiple laminated glass. They are very attractive aesthetically because they create a different dynamic with the space and give the feeling of continuity.

Natural swimming pool

Natural pool surrounded by greenery and landscaping. Natural pool with rocks and vegetation. Source: Pinterest

Of all the pool types shown, the natural pool is certainly the most different and cheapest to be built.

With an aesthetic that integrates nature into the pool, it uses a simple system that consists of digging the soil, applying a layer of sand and then a waterproofing blanket, installing a pumping system to circulate and filter the water and, finally, place plants aquatic and even fish, which help to oxygenate and eliminate impurities from the water.

They can be used a month after their construction process is complete, and it is an easy-to-maintain pool model. It is good to remember, however, that, as it is a more natural system, the water can become cloudy due to plants, sand and stones, resembling the appearance of a lake.
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