Tips for a perfect open house

open house

After conquering the dream of owning a home, there’s nothing better than seizing the moment to open your home and celebrate with your loved ones, right?

Promoting an open house is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the acquisition in the comfort of your own home, alongside the people who followed the process and rooted for you!

What is open house?

Open house is a celebration made to inaugurate the new house. Translated, the expression means “open house”, and its meaning suggests opening the doors of your house to your guests, in order to celebrate the conquest of home.

It is an informal reception in which the host prepares his house to receive family and friends so that they can get to know the space and celebrate the feat.

Few details are needed to make the event very special! With creativity, planning and simplicity, it is very easy to promote a fun and cool open house in your space.

Plan smoothly

Pen on an open notebook on a table - to start planning your open house

Dedicating time to planning and production is essential.

After all, despite the few resources needed to give an air of “opening” to your house, planning makes it much easier to run the open house in an uncomplicated way.

Start by thinking about the space, the details and what your resources are. Good organization also facilitates the assembly and decoration process. A good first step is to define which rooms will be used to receive guests, such as the hall and the living room, for example.

Next, think about how you plan to organize the party location, what kind of decoration you would like to use and what is the best menu option. Write it down, research what is most related to your style and plan.

Invite your guests to the open house

Hands holding a cell phone. You can use it to invite your friends to the open house through social media.

Time to call your guests! Consider the best date to do your open house and define who are the people you would like to share this moment with.

You can design an invitation that matches the casual style of the party and send it through social media to your friends and relatives. A practical, uncomplicated and fast way.

It is also possible to create a group, add guests and tell the big news. Then just pass the event information by message. As it is a more informal party, this is a great possibility.

Then define how you prefer to invite them to your open house.

Create a different decor (if you want)

Living room with sofa, pillows, lamp and table. It is decorated with plants, flowers, a painting, a clock and a rug.

The idea is to maintain an intimate, pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in a cozy space, ensuring the celebration of a special moment with loved ones. Therefore, decoration is optional, but you can add some details according to your style and make all the difference!

You can use just a few decorative items to welcome friends in a different way. Just avoid polluting the space and create something that has to do with you. Cheerful and vibrant colors ensure the air of celebration and bring freshness to the environment. Pastel colors, in turn, can bring a more clean and serene look.

Colorful pillow covers, a beautiful tablecloth, delicate plants and flowers and a composition of small paintings already make the difference and don’t drastically change the look of your home, decorating just the right size for your open house.

Another interesting idea is to create a kind of mini lounge with pillows, ottomans and small tables in a comfortable corner, such as the living room.

Self-service food & drinks

Table served with fruit, cheese and small snacks. Great choice for the open house.

Now that you have called the guests and you have a forecast of the number of people (look how planning is essential), you can organize the menu. An occasion like this is perfect to prepare delicious drinks and snacks.

In addition to practicality, this style of celebration provides informality even when it comes to food. After all, finger foods, that is, snacks that can be consumed with your hands, are the most recurrent options in open food! In addition to being great for letting guests help themselves, self-service style.

Snacks, hors d’oeuvres, mini-hamburgers and a cold cuts board are some of the delicious options on the table. For dessert, sweets and fruit are a great choice!

Ideally, food should be arranged carefully, on beautiful dishes or trays, and accessible to guests. Don’t forget paper napkins.

For drinks, drinks and wines are excellent options, as well as non-alcoholic drinks such as juices, soft drinks and water.

Soundtrack at ambient volume

Desk with laptop, speaker, turntable and headphone. Good tools to play your open house playlist.

A good idea is to select a soundtrack for your open house. You can select instrumental songs, your favorites or use a shared playlist with guests so they can choose too.

It’s common for people to want to chat, find out about the new achievement and catch up, so it’s a good idea to keep the sound at a volume that’s pleasant and allows guests to communicate.

Space for children at open house

Two children drawing on a sheet of paper with colored pencils.

The open house is a festivity created to celebrate with friends and family. Therefore, it is possible that children are also present at this time.

If they attend, it’s nice to have a space reserved for them to be entertained. You can leave a separate table for them, with crayons, paper, or even some toys. Another option is to put a children’s movie or cartoon on TV.

In addition, it is good to ensure that lighter foods, water and fruit juice for the little ones are part of the menu!

Enjoy your party!

People joining hands in celebration, on a table that contains some objects such as a bottle, pencil holder, pens and a pot.

Now that everything is ready and on whim, it’s only fair that you enjoy the party and enjoy your conquest with the guests!

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the celebration and don’t worry about being always available to serve the visitors, after all, as it is a more relaxed event, the idea is that everything has been prepared so that you have as little work as possible and that people feel free to move and help yourself spontaneously.

Enjoy the company of family, catch up with friends and enjoy the moment, it’s all yours!