Tenancy Law: How It Works and What You Need to Know

Tenancy Law

If you are interested in finding a place to rent, get to know the Tenancy Law to know all your rights and duties as a tenant, whether in a house, an apartment, or even a room. There are rules provided by this Law that must be followed for greater comfort and also to avoid headaches […]

How to clean sofa: tips to keep your furniture always clean

clean sofa

The sofa is perhaps the most important piece of furniture in a house, offering comfort and moments of relaxation. As it is not common to change it frequently, it is very important to know how to clean the sofa so that it is always in good condition and maintained. We have some great tips for […]

How to apply textures to walls

apply textures to walls

Nowadays, textured walls are on the rise, especially at this time that we are experiencing, where staying at home has been paramount, people have been seeking to make their environments even cozier. The application of textures on the walls is the ideal solution for this situation, as in addition to their captivating aesthetics, textures are […]

Discover the good energy of lucky bamboo

lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a great option for those who want a small plant at home that is easy to grow and with the bonus of protection and good energy, which is never too much, right? With it, balance and well-being in your decor are guaranteed. Also, it is a very beautiful plant and will bring some […]

DIY Pallet – Decoration using pallets

Decoration using pallets

The pallet decoration is very simple, modern, and also creative. A perfect combination to bring practicality and beauty to your home. Furthermore, it does not need very complex finishes, bringing a greater number of possibilities. The pallet (French palette and English pallet) is a platform used to optimize the transport of heavy loads through the use of forklifts. At the […]

Condominium Law: How It Works and What You Need to Know

Condominium Law

Condominiums are environments that suggest a safe and healthy coexistence for their residents. For condominium life to work, there must be rules that contribute to the well-being of everyone, especially in common spaces. That’s why the Condominium Law exists. Do you know her? The rules that govern a condominium exist so that the rights and […]

Ideas for creating your winter garden at home

winter garden at home

Vegetation and generous natural lighting are fundamental elements for indoor environments to be pleasant and bring us well-being, especially in houses and apartments, which is where we spend a great deal of time. Winter gardens provide just that. They make the house more cozy, light, airy and spacious. There are several ways to create a winter […]

Tips for a perfect open house

open house

After conquering the dream of owning a home, there’s nothing better than seizing the moment to open your home and celebrate with your loved ones, right? Promoting an open house is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the acquisition in the comfort of your own home, alongside the people who followed the process and rooted for you! What […]

8 tips to reduce the heat of your apartment in summer

apartment in summer

Are you feeling too hot? Find out how to reduce the heat inside your apartment. Summer arrives and with it comes the heat that, at times, can be excessive, especially since we are in a country with a tropical climate, where the heat is getting stronger. Many people don’t have air conditioning and can suffer from […]

Discover a possible solution: property refinancing

property refinancing

In-home refinancing, you get a loan while offering your home as collateral to the bank. Have you thought about refinancing your property? This is the simplest approved type of loan on the market. Loan applications grew considerably in Brazil during the pandemic, but many people did not get access to the requested credit. This is even a reflection […]