Cement vessels: how to make, customize, tips and inspirations

Cement vessels

Having plants indoors is in vogue. In addition to decorating, the foliage and flowers bring the space to life. Therefore, vases that match each other and with the decoration of the environment are essential, and cement vases are a great option for those looking for personalized and simple elements to place their plants. They can be easily […]

Types of pool: discover and choose yours!

Types of pool:

In warmer months, all we can think about is relaxing and cooling off; with this, swimming pools become an element desired by many. On top of that, the pool is a great place to throw parties and gather family and friends in the summer. The pools can be of different types and adjust to personal situations, such […]

Financing series: direct with the construction company

Financing series

Buying a financed apartment is the reality of many Brazilian families, but did you know that it is possible to finance directly with the construction company? There are many advantages in carrying out the contract directly with the construction company, such as ensuring it is easier to negotiate terms and even values. In addition, it is […]

Montessori bedroom – how decoration can encourage children’s autonomy

Montessori bedroom

More than a trendy look, the Montessori room proposes the construction of an environment that promotes curiosity, freedom, and independence. A fever among celebrity moms, the Montessori bedroom is the big trend in the world of children’s decor. With a welcoming and fun atmosphere, the style has attracted followers who are often unaware of its meanings […]

Financial solutions for property purchase

property purchase

You have arrived at that moment in life when the dream of buying home in park view city islamabad , is taking shape and is more than ever palpable. But despite wanting to, you still have doubts about how to buy an apartment. In fact, this is one of the biggest financial decisions in a person’s […]

Automotive elevator: what is it and how does it work?

car elevator

The real estate market is always looking for innovations and new technologies, and materials are always valued to attract buyers. A novelty in the real estate market in recent years, especially in the residential environment, was the car lifts, a totally innovative technology. Automotive elevator technology is coming with a vengeance in the world’s luxury […]

Latitud Condominium Design, the project that translates the feeling of being in the right place

Condominium Design

Achievements should be valued and celebrated a lot. There is nothing better than the feeling of achieving a goal with merit. Each of us has our own goals, but among the list of goals most common to all is home ownership. Having a beautiful, spacious, comfortable house, located in a special place, is a dream that most […]

How to clean a microwave: most used tips and methods


A microwave is an indispensable appliance in most kitchens; practical, it helps make the day-to-day easier when it comes to heating or defrosting food and can even serve as a way to cook some food quickly. When exposed to certain foods and liquids, debris and grease can stick to the inside of the microwave, so […]

Water mirror: what it is, how to use it and spaces to inspire

Water mirror

The house is our refuge, and it is essential, therefore, that it has a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. To achieve this, there are several architectural and decorative resources, and the reflecting pool is a great alternative for those looking for a calmer and more natural environment. In addition to its aesthetic value, this element can also […]

Bank financing: how does it work?

Bank financing

Buying a property is certainly one of the biggest dreams of Brazilians, but few people are able to make this purchase in a single payment. So, people opt for bank financing, that is, the bank pays the property for you, and you pay this amount to the bank little by little, through installments. Of course, […]