Latitud Condominium Design, the project that translates the feeling of being in the right place

Condominium Design

Latitud Condominium Design, the project that translates the feeling of being in the right place

Achievements should be valued and celebrated a lot. There is nothing better than the feeling of achieving a goal with merit.

Each of us has our own goals, but among the list of goals most common to all is home ownership. Having a beautiful, spacious, comfortable house, located in a special place, is a dream that most of us have, and that is why this achievement is closely related to success.

RJZ Cyrela has translated into Latitud Condominium Design everything it hopes to achieve. Therefore, the enterprise crowns a successful trajectory.

Current and stylish

The land of more than 17,000 square meters is occupied by the sophisticated and intelligent landscaping project by Benedito Abbud , one of the biggest names in national landscaping.

Cité Arquitetura , an award-winning Rio firm specializing in luxury residential, was chosen to sign the project, which is predominantly marked by its modern and bold lines. Among all the elements, the ordinance stands out the most. Its striking look brings personality and prominence to the condominium.

Architectural element gives strength and personality to the Latitud Condominium Design ordinance.Architectural element gives strength and personality to the Latitud Condominium Design ordinance

The same lines are present in other parts of the project, such as the swimming pool and the entrance hall.

Modern visual communication connects different areas of Latitud Condominium Design.

The interior architecture of Latitud Condominium Design is signed by Débora Aguiar Arquitetos and Lessa Zanetta Arquitetura e Interiores , renowned names in the Brazilian market for high-end projects. Both ensured sophistication to the common areas of Latitud, without forgetting their contemporaneity, bringing the most up-to-date decoration trends.

Barra da Tijuca – where everyone wants to be

The Human Development Index (HDI) is a measure created to indicate the quality of life offered to the population of a certain region. In it, three criteria are considered: longevity, education and income. The HDI of Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro, is considered very high, that is, above 0.9, which means that its education, income and life expectancy rates are among the highest in the city.

For this reason, Barra has attracted a large migratory movement, especially from neighborhoods in the South Zone.

The neighborhood has several educational institutions, including traditional and bilingual schools, which is an excellent advantage for families with school-age children. It also brings together the headquarters of important communication, technology and multinational companies.

When it comes to leisure, Barra also leaves nothing to be desired. With a wide gastronomic option, the neighborhood attracts residents from the surroundings who want to eat well. Among the highlights, the Italian Gabbiano and the Adega Santiago , Mediterranean food.

For those who like to enjoy nature, Praia do Pepê is a mandatory destination, ideal for kitesurfingbodyboardingsurfing and windsurfing . But the sea is not the only option. Tijuca National Park offers trails, caves and waterfalls in the fourth largest urban green area in the country.

Condominium Design

The appreciation of design is perceived in every scale of Latitud Condominium Design: from landscaping to finishing. This concept, however, aims beyond aesthetics: functionality.

Landscaping signed by Benedito Abbud.

The condominium has no less than 50 common areas, designed for the leisure, comfort and safety of residents.

In addition to the ballrooms and swimming pools (including the children’s with the incredible aquaplay), the leisure area also has items such as sauna and pilates rooms, spinning, dancing and wrestling – a step further in terms of comfort and exclusivity. Coworking space, pet place, sand court and parking spaces for visitors make the condominium club even more functional and comfortable.

Aquaplay by Latitud Condominium Design. Latitud Condominium Design pool house.Latitud Condominium Design Pool House

Comfort, by the way, is the watchword. Services guarantee residents the feeling of living in a real resort : concierge , professional outsourced operation in the gym, outsourced operation of the pool bar and pay-per-use facilities center with tidying and cleaning of the units, trouser press, technical assistance for minor repairs and even pizzaiolo for special celebrations.

Gourmet space with sophisticated decor.Gourmet space with sophisticated decor East Tower Ballroom at Latitud Condominium Design.East Tower Ballroom at Latitud Condominium Design

The idea is to take care of the resident from the first steps in the condominium.

When passing through the complete security system, the resident who arrives from the beach finds a foot wash and a surfboard. The bicycle storage space has a compressor and a charging point for electric bikes.

Space and comfort at Latitud Condominium Design

The experience of exclusivity continues upon entering the building.

In the North and East towers the elevator hall serves only two apartments. The units from 120 m² to 125 m² have 3 bedrooms, one of which is a suite with a closet. The kitchen connected to the pantry and the balcony creates the perfect space to comfortably welcome friends and family.

Kitchen connected to pantry and balcony in the North building of Latitud Condominium Design.Kitchen connected to pantry and balcony in the North building of Latitud Condominium Design

The project guarantees the resident details that make all the difference: hot spot in the washbasins in the bathrooms and in the kitchen sink, complete infrastructure for installing air conditioning in the bedrooms and living room.

The service area is separated from the kitchen, and the apartments have a complete dependence for a maid. Valuing the exquisite finish, all units will be delivered with rectified porcelain tiles in the living room, balcony, circulation and bedrooms, in addition to larger than standard frames for greater use of natural light.

The penthouse units in the North and East towers reserve an even more special layout: 3 suites, one with a closet, a large uncovered terrace with access to the kitchen and living room, and a social hall with exclusive access to each unit.

The South and West towers have 4-bedroom apartments, 2 of them suites and one with a walk- in closet, with floor plans ranging from 153 m² to 187 m². In addition to the aforementioned differentials, residents of the South and West towers also enjoy other facilities, such as a TV point on the balcony and in the pantry (West building).

West tower apartment of Latitud Condominium Design.Latitud Condominium Design West Tower Apartment

The penthouses of these towers reserve the greatest luxury of the condominium: 4 suites, exclusive balcony for two suites with a hydromassage and intimate room.

Linear penthouse has space and hydromassage point and balcony exclusive to suites.Linear penthouse with space and hydromassage point and balcony exclusive to suites

In all, Latitud Condominium Design has 13 plants. Know all the plants.

Celebrate your achievement!

Our house reflects not only our lifestyle and personality, but also the stage of life we ​​are living.

Through services and an exquisite project, Latitud Condominium Design offers space, design, safety and comfort for those who want to celebrate the achievement of being exactly where they deserve.