Interior Architectural Design: What You Need to Know Before Transforming Your Home

Interior Architectural Design

Buying an apartment is amazing, but leaving the surroundings to your face is even better. The house is where we spend most of our time, so it deserves all the care to make it the most functional, comfortable, and pleasant place to live. Transforming the apartment is the desire of many, but, after all, how much does an interior architecture project cost?

In this post, we’ll explain everything about how an interior architecture project works and what you should take into account to put this dream into practice, including when it comes to price.

What are the advantages of an interior architecture project?

A house with a custom-made project has numerous advantages, as it is something created especially for specific spaces, in addition to being unique and timeless.

Hiring a professional team specialized in interior architecture design to carry out a transformation in your home’s space is a long-term investment, as well as something that adds value to the property.

First step: understand your demand and your desires

Before contacting professionals, it is important that you know what is looking to be solved and provided through the interior architecture project. To do this, understand the demands of the environments and how you want them to be.

A good tip is to calculate the number of lockers you need in each space, after all this is very personal, it depends on the number of belongings you have. For the kitchen, check the number of dishes and how much equipment you have, for example.

Casa Tetris, Marcio Kogan, interior architecture design.

For the dorms, see the number of clothes, shoes, and other items you want to store in the environment and pay attention to how you like to store them; there are those who prefer shelves and others who like to hang everything on hangers, for example.

Talk to people who live or will live in the apartment to find out what they also want. It is interesting to come to an agreement before talking to the professional. Thus, future misunderstandings are avoided and a project such as the aspirated one is guaranteed.

And of course, think and look for references of styles you like. The house should look like you and convey your personality. Showing the architecture team your favorite objects or furniture is something that can help a lot when creating the project.

Know how much you are willing to spend

After reflecting on your demands and desires for the project, it is essential that you know how much you are willing to spend on interior design.

With the number or value margin in mind, consider possible alternatives if the desired project is more expensive than planned. Check which are the most urgent environments to be done and start with them, for example.

Talk a lot with the architecture team 

When it comes to architectural and interior design, conversations between clients and professionals are essential. At this point, express your wishes for the spaces in your home that will be transformed.

The importance of dialogue between client and professional in an interior architecture project. The importance of dialogue between client and professional in an interior architecture project.

In addition to how you want the environment to be, talk about your daily life, your routine at home. Knowing how you and your family live the environment of the house is extremely important to create the project. The more professionals know about your lifestyle, they will be able to project more accurately and, thus, achieve your expectations.

Remember that the team doesn’t know you, meaning elements that are obvious to you may not be familiar to you. Therefore, make as clear as possible your desires and elements of importance to your home and how you want to live in it.

What are the steps of an interior architecture project?

The interior architecture project is done through stages, which range from conceptual studies to the smallest details of the project. It is important that you understand the design process both to know what will be done in each of the phases, as well as to have a better idea of ​​the project cost, which is often broken down from phase to phase.

The number of phases can change from team to team of professionals, but there are main steps, which we will show you here:

  • phase 1: conceptual study;
  • phase 2: preliminary project;
  • phase 3: executive project;
  • phase 4: execution and follow-up.

Interior architecture project drawings. Interior architecture project drawings.

The first phase, which can be called a conceptual study, is the initial approach between the client and the professional, in which the client’s needs and desires are discussed with the environment. At this stage, the architecture and interiors team can present initial references and the concept of the project, which will be built with the client.

With the ideas in hand, it is time for the professional to design the project, the preliminary project, or the basic project, this being phase 2. In this stage, the environments will be designed in an integral way, but without even going into small details, such as meeting between materials and equipment such as appliances and accessories.

This is when the client can perceive, through drawings and 3D images, the project concept applied to reality and how each environment will look. This is the ideal time to suggest changes.

The next phase is the executive project, in which the architecture team produces all the necessary graphic material to enable the execution of the work, that is, it creates the drawings that will go to the work. These are technical drawings, such as plans, sections, and details, from which the team that will carry out the work will be able to understand everything necessary to carry out the project.

With the previous step ready, it’s time to start the execution of the work. At this point, it is important that the team of professionals follow up on the activities carried out to make sure they are being done correctly.

With the work completed, it’s time for the customer to inhabit the spaces!

And, after all, how much does an interior architecture project cost?

This question is a big question for anyone thinking about renovating their home. It can be partially answered as it depends on a multitude of factors.

The value of a project and its execution varies according to the professional, the location, and the size of the environment. In addition, the amount can be charged in different ways, per square meter or hours worked, for example.

It is important to know that the materials used and the complexity of the project greatly alter its value. The same project can be made with noble or economical materials, for example, and this will result in more accessible or more expensive work. That’s why it’s important to talk to the architecture and interiors team about how much you’re willing to spend.

Time for the project to become a reality!

Considering your needs, your desire, and your budget, and with a good team of professionals in the field, it’s time to transform your home!

When talking about new apartments, before the interior architecture project, there are elements prior to that, such as finishes, that make the space habitable.