How to clean a microwave: most used tips and methods


A microwave is an indispensable appliance in most kitchens; practical, it helps make the day-to-day easier when it comes to heating or defrosting food and can even serve as a way to cook some food quickly.

When exposed to certain foods and liquids, debris and grease can stick to the inside of the microwave, so doing a good cleaning helps your appliance stay clean and not contaminate other foods and also prolongs the life of the appliance.

The exterior must also be treated with care to ensure the microwave continues to function well and maintains its new appearance. To be able to do the cleaning in a correct and effective way, check out tips on how to clean the microwave.

Cleaning the inside of the microwave

Black microwave with stainless steel door and panel. Microwave built into the cabinet.

The best way to start cleaning your microwave oven is always from the inside out. For this task, there are some products on the market that help to remove older dirt that is impregnated on the inside of the appliance.

But if you don’t have any such product at home and need to clean your microwave, there are a few ways to clean it with common items you usually have at home. The best methods on how to clean a microwave with homemade products use vinegar, lemon or baking soda.

With vinegar

Small glass of water, one of the ingredients that helps to clean the microwave. A glass of water: an ally of vinegar in microwave cleaning.

One of the most practical methods of cleaning the microwave is to use a mixture of white alcohol vinegar and a little water. The solution evaporates and causes any dirt stuck to the inside to soften.

To make the mixture, you need a glass container, two tablespoons of white alcohol vinegar and two cups of water. Mix everything in the glass container and put it in the microwave for five minutes on full power; when the time is up, leave it for another three minutes in the microwave.

When you take out the solution container, the dirt stuck to the microwave walls will be softened, so you can get a damp, clean cloth to remove it. Afterwards, remember to use a dry cloth or paper towel to dry the appliance.

With lemon

Sicilian lemon cut in half teaches from a stone and beside it a knife. Lemon: a great ingredient when cleaning the microwave.

Another affordable method with simple ingredients that everyone has at home is to use a mixture of water and lemon. It helps to break down fat molecules and makes cleaning easier.

To do this cleaning, you will need to cut a lemon in half, squeeze its juice, combine the lemon juice and its two halves with half a cup of water in a glass container. Place it in the microwave at full power for five minutes.

Leave it for another five minutes in the microwave and then just wipe it with a damp, clean cloth to remove the dirt that will be softened; then use a dry cloth or paper towel to dry thoroughly. It is a great method for removing greasy dirt from the microwave walls.

With bicarbonate

Pan and spoon with baking soda, the main ingredient in one of the microwave cleaning methods. Baking soda: the ingredient that helps you get the odor out of the microwave.

If you are looking for a complete cleaning method for your microwave oven, then using a baking soda mix is ​​definitely the best option. It is effective not only for cleaning up any stuck dirt but also for removing the smell that has remained inside.

To make this solution, you need a tablespoon of baking soda, a tablespoon of white alcohol vinegar, a sliced ​​lemon, and a cup of water. Place all ingredients in a glass container and microwave for five minutes.

After this time, wipe with a clean, damp cloth to remove the softened dirt, then wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel to completely dry the appliance. This solution is perfect for heavier cleaning, removing dirt and smells and also ensuring an antibacterial action when cleaning the inside.

Cleaning the outside of the microwave

Stainless steel microwave on the outside. Stainless steel microwave.

So far we’ve only thought about the inside of the microwave, but what about the outside? This step is also very important for the proper functioning of the appliance and must always be started by unplugging the appliance from the socket to avoid shocks.

Cleaning the outside of the microwave is simple. Just take a damp cloth with soapy water or even a window cleaner and wipe the entire external surface. After cleaning, use a clean dry cloth or paper towel to dry the appliance well and ensure that no parts are damaged.

How to avoid microwave dirt

Even now after understanding how to clean a microwave, it is also important to know how to keep it clean and avoid leaving accumulated dirt, ensuring that your day-to-day is less laborious and faster when it comes to heavy cleaning, when necessary.

Use a cap

The microwave lid is an accessory that often comes with the appliance, but it can also be purchased separately if necessary. The accessory is nothing more than a lid with holes, which allows you to cover the containers placed in the microwave.

In addition to concentrating energy for heating the food, the lid serves as a barrier that prevents parts of the food or liquid from sticking to the inner walls of the microwave and becoming a job when cleaning.

Wash removable parts 

Person washing dishes, an easy and effective method of cleaning the removable parts of your microwave. Cleaning the removable parts is simple and effective to ensure your microwave is always clean.

Like the lid, the microwave dish is an area that gathers dirt from the food, but it is also a removable part, making it easier to clean.

Just wash it as you would a regular dish, let it drain or dry with a cloth and put it back inside. A simple yet effective process to make your microwave cleaner.

Clean after use

But if you’re looking for the best way to keep your microwave always clean, this simple tip is for you: always clean after use, never leaving the dirt there for too long.

Many times, we end up forgetting or leaving it for later and at the time of cleaning the dirt has already stuck, but if you always clean after use, with a damp cloth and detergent, the dirt comes off very easily. Just remember to dry with a paper towel afterward so your microwave won’t rust.

With all these tips, it’s now easy to clean your microwave. Did you like the tips? What is the best cleaning method for you? Tell us here in the comments!