DIY Pallet – Decoration using pallets

Decoration using pallets

The pallet decoration is very simple, modern, and also creative. A perfect combination to bring practicality and beauty to your home. Furthermore, it does not need very complex finishes, bringing a greater number of possibilities.

The pallet (French palette and English pallet) is a platform used to optimize the transport of heavy loads through the use of forklifts. At the moment. However, it has been widely used in decoration.

Another notable aspect in decorating with pallets is sustainability, after all, it is a material that can be reused. There are many pallets on the market, but the idea of ​​reusing them is much more practical and still has benefits for the environment.

In this way, it is possible to easily venture into DIY’s (do it yourself), that is, in “do it yourself” style tutorials, as it is very easy to transform the material and guarantee it several features, with creative ideas, for different environments.

Decoration using unfinished pallets

For a more rustic decoration, the idea is to keep the natural appearance of the wood the pallets are made of, that is, it is not necessary to paint them.

Thus, it is possible to incorporate more delicate elements, such as plants, for example, to create a playful contrast in your home.

Decorating with pallets to optimize space and create a vertical garden. The vertical garden blends in with the rustic style.

Another interesting idea is to create a sofa. That’s right! As pallets are simple materials and easy to handle, it is possible to create entire furniture using this material.

So, just use a small mattress the size of the pallets, some big pillows and that’s it! Comfort, practicality and creativity: exclusive elements of your living room.

A great option for a spot to chat with friends.

The pallets used as the basis for the colorful three-seater sofa. The most vibrant colors decorate very well with the color of the wood. Source: Pinterest

Following the proposal for more rustic decor, it is also possible to create a bar in the corner of your living room, for example.

To do this, just select different parts of the pallets and join them to a larger piece of wood, which will be the counter where the drinks will be served. Adding other elements, such as small lights, can also bring more personality to the decor.

Bar made with pallets. The ideal is to add other pieces of wood inside to accommodate the drinks.

Lately, many people have been working from their homes. Not all, however, have an office for this, and pallets can help. With a few hinges and small steel cables, it is possible to create a space for the home office.

Home office space made with pallets and chains. Vases, photos and notebooks make the space even cozier.

In the bedroom, the decoration with pallets is super functional. It is possible to create the base for the bed as well as the headboard. In addition, the rustic touch of light wood contributes to giving light to the environment.

Bed with base and headboard made of pallets. Using very soft and fluffy bedspreads can bring even more comfort to the decor.

In kitchen decor, for example, you can use pallets to hang lamps and create a very stylish rustic chandelier.

The material can also be used to make the base to support lamps, to create a creative chandelier. The pallets act as a base for the lamps.

Adding other elements to the decor with pallets transforms the environment. The use of plants, for example, gives a much more natural and clean feel to the house, like a quiet country house.

Environment decorated with small plants and vases. The plants and pots bring a more peaceful appearance to the environment.

Decoration using finished pallets

Incorporating other materials, using paints and even adding hinges… The possibilities are many and, through finishing, it is possible to create different styles of decoration. Simple modifications are enough to transform environments.

Decor with vibrant colors to highlight the environment. Painting the pallets with vibrant colors is a great idea to make the environment more alive. Source: Pinterest

Painting is an interesting option to give a new meaning to the decoration of certain rooms. With the pallets, it is possible to create small furniture for the pets.

Pet bed made with the material. With a few pieces of wood, paint and a small mattress, your pet can get a new and super stylish bed.

Stronger colors, such as dark brown, also bring a lot of personality to the decor and highlight more delicate elements, such as small lampshades and bonsai, for example.

Sideboard made with pallets and decorated with other objects.

How about a sideboard to put small objects and even wines?

Another cool idea is to create a coffee table. To do this, just add a glass on the pallet. To increase the practicality, it is possible to add wheels. That way it’s easy to move it and, who knows, even move it whenever you want.

Coffee table made with the material, glass and casters for easy movement. Very functional, the table even has space to store magazines.

How about a comfortable place to rest? And still, made entirely of pallets? With large mattresses and pillows, the sofa is ready. The table that comes with it can be made of resistant glass and a few coats of paint.

Another way to use the pallet as a base for a sofa: with support for a backrest and arms. A corner full of personality and comfort.

To make the outdoor area more special, you can create a fun hanging sofa. Simply nail the pallets onto chains and attach them to a firm surface. The finishing touch is to add a soft mat and some colorful pillows.

Sofa suspended by chains, with base made with the material.

To rest (and float) in style.

Clean decor using pallets

In addition to the more rustic decoration, it is possible to create a clean proposal, using raw colors and white paint. It is a great option for those who like more minimalist decor.

Room decorated in neutral colors like gray and white, plants and other more clean elements. Elements such as vases and plants also bring style to the white bed frame made with pallets. Source: Pinterest

With just a few coats of white paint on the pallets and adding a few hinges, you can create a room divider. A good option for apartments with smaller plants, such as kitnets, for example.

Room divider. Incorporating other elements, such as flowers, also contributes to a delicate decor.

For book lovers, the tip is to create your own bookcase using pallets. You can paint in any color you like, or in white so that only your favorite works are highlighted.

Bookcase made with pallets.

A creative idea to store your treasures and still save space.

There are still many ideas that can be created using pallets. And the best part: the material is simple, cheap and can still bring a lot of functionality to your home. After all, this is an easy, creative and sustainable decor idea.

Have you ever used pallets in the decoration? Have you tried any DIY with pallets? If so, please tell us about your experience in the comments below.