Cozy trend: light wood decor

light wood decor

A house is a place of rest after a day of work, of relaxation and spontaneity on weekends, meeting with loved ones. For that, a cozy house, where you feel embraced when entering it, is so important for the quality of life and well-being.

To make the home cozier, there are some key elements that instantly transform the environment, the use of light wood and soft tones in the decor, in addition to soft fabrics, objects that bring you affectionate memory and warmer lighting are some examples.

In this post, we will inspire you with super cozy spaces decorated with light wood and tips to make the house more pleasant and comfortable.

Lightwood: which types to use 

Although it may not seem at first glance, there are several types and species of light wood – pine, eucalyptus, pine, itaúba and cherry are some examples.

Lightwood is a timeless material that reflects youthfulness and calm, bringing warmth to the spaces where it is used.

Dining room with light wood. Dining room with light wood.

This type of wood can be used both for furniture and objects, as well as for coverings and openings.

A curiosity about wood is that the same species, depending on the age of the tree and the treatment given, can have different shades, so it is always good to specify, in addition to the species, the shade of wood you want to use for a particular environment.


Pine closet in children's dormitory. Pine closet in children’s dormitory.

Pine wood is the most famous and used when it comes to light wood, it is a quality wood with a good cost-benefit ratio.

In addition to panels, pine has also been widely used as a finish on plywood boards, offering a contemporary, warm and more sophisticated finish.


Tauari wooden chair with natural straw. Tauari wooden chair with natural straw.

Tauari is a wood widely used in the manufacture of furniture, coverings and openings, as it has a very adequate workability and good resistance.


Chair made of light cedar. Chair made of light cedar.

Cedar is a kind of light wood widely used in floors, baseboards and openings, but it can also be used to make furniture.

It is a type of durable wood and resistant to moisture and insects, because of that, it can also be used outdoors.


Dining room with freijó panel.

The freijó is a kind of sophisticated wood, with a glossy surface, which may have streaks and spots, it has a light brownish-yellow tone.

It is a high-quality wood for delicate furniture. Furthermore, it can also be used on panels and frames.

Naval plywood

Kitchen cabinet made with naval plywood. Kitchen cabinet made with naval plywood.

Naval plywood is a more accessible type of light wood, composed of plywood veneers, the two outer faces of which are usually covered by a pine veneer.

It can be used to make furniture such as shelves, shelves and doors.

No to cool white, yes to soft natural tones

For a cozy house, forget about cold white, after all these color results in sterile and uncomfortable environments for a house.

Therefore, prefer soft tones with a warmer touch, ivory, and sand, for example, are great options to replace white on walls, for example.

Neutral textiles combined with light wood. Neutral textiles combined with light wood.

For upholstery and textiles, such as sofas, armchairs, rugs, lampshades, seats, etc., natural fabrics such as linen, with their own soft colors, are ideal to offer comfort to the environment.

Furthermore, as they are light tones, they expand the space. In this case, the color can come through specific elements such as pillows, rugs and objects, with the advantage that they can be easily replaced, which completely transforms the space with simple changes.

Lightwood in living areas

Lightwood can be used in different ways, according to the activity and the style desired for the environment.

Living room with light wood and soft tones. Living room with light wood and soft tones.

A raw wood, for example, opaque, can give the space a young, fun and relaxed look. Oppositely, a polished wood, finished with varnish, refers to sophistication and more seriousness.

Lightwood can be present in the environment from openings, floors, ceilings, as well as in furniture, made-to-measure or not, and even in objects.

Light libraries and bookshelves 

Making the most of space, especially in environments with reduced footage, is essential. For this, libraries and shelves on walls that have been underutilized until then are a great alternative.

Light wood bookcase. Light wood bookcase.

As they are storage places, books, documents and objects, organization and clarity are essential.

Therefore, light wood is the ideal material when it comes to libraries, shelves and shelves, as it combines breadth, clarity and still gives that cozy aspect to the space.

This makes it easier and more desirable to choose a library book to read.

Kitchen with light wood

A kitchen is a place for meeting, meeting, preparing food for both special occasions and everyday life. For this reason, a comfortable, spacious, clean and well-lit place has very favorable characteristics, in which light wood can be used as an element that contributes to all of them.

The light wood offers spaciousness for the kitchen, while comforting, it takes spontaneity and a clean appearance without leaving the environment cold.

Living kitchen with wood. Living kitchen with wood.

It can be present in the kitchen, in fixed furniture such as doors, drawers and shelves, as well as in furniture such as chairs and stools, in addition to objects and lighting.

As this is a wet space, it is important that the wood used has gone through the waterproofing process, thus, the hygiene of the space is guaranteed.

Decor with light wood and soft tones in the rooms

The bedroom is a place of rest, relaxation and calm, a space where we sleep and also do hobbies, in addition to being, many times, an environment for work and study.

Therefore, it is essential that it transmits tranquility and warmth, so that we can, in fact, rest and enjoy the environment.

Room with light wood. Room with light wood.

Lightwood can help a lot to achieve this atmosphere in the bedroom as well, and can be present in furniture such as the bed, tables, chairs and shelves, as well as objects such as lamps and mirrors, as well as in the ceiling and frames.

Room with light wood lining. Room with light wood lining.

When combined with soft textured fabrics, light tones, paintings, photographs and subdued lighting, it results in a super cozy room that will make you think you are in the Swiss Alps.

Lightwood as a room divider 

Dividers are a great alternative for compact spaces and with varied functions.

Through mobile partitions, for example, it is possible to have flexible spaces, which can be used simultaneously for different activities, or uniquely, according to the occasion.

Wooden divider panel. Light wood partition panel.

For the construction of room partitions, light wood is an option that provides lightness and spaciousness to the space, with the advantage of being a quick and dry assembly.