Club Condominium: know what it is and discover the advantages

Club Condominium

The condominium club is a trend that is here to stay and is present in several cities around the world and also throughout Brazil, after all, living with comfort and infrastructure is a privilege that can be essential for a better daily life for the family.

Living in a condominium-club ⏤ with spaces prepared for various activities, both for adults and children, in addition to exclusive services, all without having to leave home ⏤ is already a reality for many and it can be yours too.

What is a condominium club?

As the name suggests, the condominium club has a set of spaces and a complete and diversified infrastructure, quite similar to that of leisure clubs.

Usually, this type of condominium consists of two or more apartment towers and is common on the ground floor between the buildings that are the environments, which range from leisure spaces, places for events, spas, workplaces, even sports courts, and so on.

In addition to these spaces, the condominium club can also count on exclusive services, such as a pool bar, stores such as markets, stores, and pharmacies, in addition, to pay-per-use services.

The size of apartments can vary a lot in club condominiums, with the high standard, with generous floor plans and three bedrooms being the most common, after all, this type of development has as its main client families with children, children and/or teenagers.

Advantages of living in a condominium club

The daily routine of a family routine in a city like São Paulo can be very busy; between taking the children to and from school, taking care of the house, going to the supermarket, exercising and working, there may not be much time left for a well-deserved rest.

The condo-club exists as a possibility to live in the same place where children can play sports and play, while parents work, exercise and rest, all without having to leave the house.

This results in a routine with more free and quality time, in addition to less time spent in traffic, for example, all without having to give up leaving the city.

It may even seem like a dream, isn’t it? But that’s the reality of club condominiums. Next, learn about the various advantages of living in a condominium club.

Diversified leisure

Ample and diversified leisure is, without a doubt, the greatest characteristic of the condominium club. Starting with the pool area, which is usually the center of attraction outside the condominium.

Swimming pools at the Riserva Golf condominium-club. Source: Apt Swimming pools at Riserva Golf.

Unlike a conventional condominium, the condominium club usually has more than one pool, which can be: a children’s pool, an adult one and a swimming lane, for example. These pools make up an area for leisure and relaxation for the family, with wet decks, loungers, tables, landscaping and even a bar service.

The tranquility of living in this type of condominium extends to indoor relaxation environments, such as a heated pool with a whirlpool, spa, massage rooms and rest areas. Ideal for a midweek break.

Sports in the condo-club

Environments for the practice of various sports are also another differential of the condominium club. Unlike standard condominiums, which can have a fitness space and a sports court, the condominium club has a series of spaces, specifically designed for the practice of a certain sport, which can be either indoor or outdoor.

Clay tennis court at Praça Perdizes condominium-club. Clay tennis court at Praça Perdizes.

Spacious fitness spaces with high-quality equipment and technology are combined with dance, wrestling and spinning rooms, for example.

Among the most frequent sports courts in the condominiums, the condominium club can be a clay tennis court, football and even squash.

Not to mention the swimming lanes, which usually make up the pool area of ​​the condominium club.

Spaces designed for playing

Living in a condominium with spaces specially designed for children to play freely and playfully is another differential of the condo club, which greatly facilitates the family’s daily life.

Spaces such as a toy library and playground are a constant in the condominium club, reinforcing the importance of spaces for children in the condominiums.

Normandie Moema's toy library. Normandie Moema’s toy library.

In addition to the playful atmosphere and the variety of toys and activities, these environments have routine cleaning and maintenance, in addition to respecting the special safety standards for this type of space. That way, those responsible can rest easy while the children have fun.

The toy library and playground make it possible to play in a safe way, without having to leave the house, in addition to providing children with socializing with friends and neighbors.

Events at the condo-club

Having friends at home is great, but it also requires organization beforehand and after the celebration, in addition to the number of guests being more restricted, due to the capacity of the apartment.

Atmosfera 360º ballroom. Atmosfera 360º ballroom.

Therefore, living in a condominium with a ballroom, gourmet space and barbecue, for example, is a privilege and, of course, this is also a strong characteristic of the condominium club.

Event spaces in this type of condominium can range from sophisticated ballrooms to outdoor environments, ideal for more casual celebrations.

Barbecue at the Sonare Alto de Pinheiros club-condominium.

Thus, in addition to keeping the house organized and being able to invite more friends to events, using these spaces available in the condominium is synonymous with savings, after all, they are much more affordable than renting event space.


The condo club, as you could see earlier, contains everything a family needs on a daily basis, without having to leave the house, which means not having to go to different places throughout the day, exposing themselves to the traffic and the city itself.

In addition, the infrastructure of condominiums is also a feature in the security system of such developments, which usually have 24-hour security, cameras in common and circulation areas, and a controlled access system, for example.


At this point you may be asking yourself: but with so many diversified leisure spaces, what will the price of the condominium be?

And you can rest assured that the club condominiums, although they have an extensive variety of equipped common spaces, as they also have a large number of units, after all, they are always more than one apartment tower, which makes the final value of the condominium, for each family, be more affordable than in a smaller conventional condominium, for example.

Want to check it out? We created content explaining how the condominium fee is calculated, check it out!

Property valuation

Another advantage of acquiring an apartment in a club condominium is the appreciation of this property, guaranteeing the purchase also as an investment, building profitable assets.

The complete and quality leisure infrastructure is, of course, a determining factor in the valuation of a property in a condominium club.

In addition, another contributing factor is location, given that builders and developers carry out this type of project in strategic and well-valued points in the city.