Cement vessels: how to make, customize, tips and inspirations

Cement vessels


Having plants indoors is in vogue. In addition to decorating, the foliage and flowers bring the space to life. Therefore, vases that match each other and with the decoration of the environment are essential, and cement vases are a great option for those looking for personalized and simple elements to place their plants.

They can be easily found in decoration stores or florists, but have you ever imagined being able to make your own cement vases at home? Yes, this is possible, even easier than you think.

How to make cement pots

In addition to being simple to make at home, cement pots are very cost-effective and end up being much cheaper than buying ready-made pots.


To make cement pots, you will need:

  • Mortar powder;
  • Water;
  • Container to prepare the mixture;
  • A pot or a vase (which will be the mold of the cement vase);
  • A smaller pot;
  • Trowel or trowel;
  • Cooking oil or Vaseline;
  • Stones;
  • sandpaper;
  • Silicone glove;
  • Paint and brush for decorating.

Step by step

With the materials in hand, it’s time to start making the cement pot.

Start by preparing the cement. To do this, in a container, place the mortar powder and dilute it with water until it forms a cream. Stir until smooth.

With the preparation ready, grease the two pots that you will use to make the shape of the vase with cooking oil or Vaseline. The larger pot must be greased on the inside and the smaller ones on the outside, as these are the ones that will have contact with the cement.

Pour the batter into the larger pot, then place the smaller pot inside. Press down so that the dough rises to the edge of the pots.

To let the vase dry, place a weight inside the smaller pot, such as stones. Allow 24 to 72 hours.

When it’s completely dry, you can unmold the cement vessel!

To finish the vase, sand the surface. If you use the vase for planting, remember to pierce the base so that excess water can come out of the vase; this can easily be done using a drill.

If you are interested in this DIY, in addition to decorating your home or giving gifts to loved ones, this can be a great option to start an enterprise and produce them for sale.

Decorate the cement pots

The decoration of cement vases can be done in many ways, with the cement vase ready or during the process of elaborating the piece.

With the decoration, the cement vase can be anything from a minimalist object for the living room, or even a playful one, perfect for decorating a children’s room.

Customization during the cement vessel preparation process

By adding small details during the making of the cement vessel, you can create totally different and unique pieces.

The mortar powder can be complemented with pebbles or shells, for example, which will result in a unique cement, with a different texture and color.

Assorted cement vases, colored with pigment. Assorted cement vases, colored with pigment.

When preparing the mass, pigments can be added to obtain a colored cement. You can even make a cement vase using different colored pigmented pieces of putty for an even more special vase.

Vessels decorated with rope. Vessels decorated with rope.

To add even more personality and texture to the cement vessel, it is a good idea to complement the mass with other materials, such as string yarn, for example. Add this complementary material with the dough still wet, or glue it with hot glue after it is dry.

Different shapes of cement pots. Different shapes of cement pots.

Explore different molds, with different shapes, when making your own cement vessels. Combine round vases with rectangular and triangular ones, as this adds dynamics to the decoration.

Decorate the finished cement vase 

Once the cement vase is ready, the decoration can be done in different ways and styles. Decorative painting can be done on the entire surface, following geometric shapes, lines or even abstract.

Geometric painted vases Vases with geometric painting.

For fun vases, match two colors and paint with geometric shapes. Make a unique composition to decorate your home.

Cement pots with metallic paint. Vessels with metallic paint.

The metallic colors bring sophistication and modernity to the objects. They are ideal to be used in pieces to decorate minimalist and modern environments.

Cement Vases with Abstract Painting. Cement Vases with Abstract Painting.

The abstract painting on cement vases makes the piece a true work of art. The vase becomes a unique and special object. Combine colors and let your imagination take you when painting.

Decorate using pen. Decorate using pens.

Using pens, you can draw more delicately on vases after they are painted. Creating fun pictures brings the piece to life, as well as being a great gift for that loved one.

Decorate in a cute way. Decorate in a cute way.

Combining techniques, colors and textures is a great way to assemble a set of vases. Start from a theme and maintain a color palette or style to compose a group of unique pieces.

Cute and playful paintings can make the cement vase an object full of affection, ideal for children’s rooms.

Decoration with cement vases 

Cement pots are ideal for placing plants indoors, such as succulents and cactuses, but we know that this very contemporary piece can house much more than just plants!

Combine different sizes. Combine different sizes.

This type of vase is the ideal container for candles, for example. With the vase dry, make a candle inside, or buy one ready-made according to the size of the vase.

Pencil holder. Cement pencil holder.

Holders, pencils and pens can also be made using these vases. Decorate them in the style of the room and let them decorate the desk. In addition to being super creative, they will help to keep the environment organized and functional.

Create your cement garden

Cement pots are ideal for growing or placing plants, from succulents, in smaller pots, to even large plants, in larger pieces.

Hanging cement vases. Hanging vases.

Hanging vases are a great option for those looking to optimize space, they can be hung on the wall or ceiling. Because they are smaller, they are ideal for succulents and cacti, as well as hanging plants such as the boa constrictor.

To hang the vase, choose metallic or straw ropes, according to the style of the room.

Vases with metal feet. Vases with metal feet.

So that the vases are not directly on the floor, placing them on metal support is a great option, as, in addition to solving this issue, they add even more style to the vase and the decoration.

Set up your cement conservatory, combine pots of different sizes and types for different and unique decoration.