How to Brighten Your Home During Quarantine


Despite the reopening of commerce in some cities, cultural events, concerts, and parties were canceled. The orientation is to stay at home. However, after so many days, this environment can start to get tedious and even depressing. How to brighten the house during social isolation? Let’s give you some tips. To cook The nights of romantic dinners in restaurants and […]

Brunch: what it is and how to make this beautiful meal at home


Rest days are to be enjoyed, to live in peace and enjoy every moment. Waking up later, spending leisure time at home and having pleasant meals are some of the characteristics of these days. The brunch is perfect for this. A mix of late breakfast and weekend lunch, brunch is a delicious meal, ideal for enjoying the weekend without leaving home. What […]

Cement vessels: how to make, customize, tips and inspirations

Cement vessels

Having plants indoors is in vogue. In addition to decorating, the foliage and flowers bring the space to life. Therefore, vases that match each other and with the decoration of the environment are essential, and cement vases are a great option for those looking for personalized and simple elements to place their plants. They can be easily […]

How to clean a microwave: most used tips and methods


A microwave is an indispensable appliance in most kitchens; practical, it helps make the day-to-day easier when it comes to heating or defrosting food and can even serve as a way to cook some food quickly. When exposed to certain foods and liquids, debris and grease can stick to the inside of the microwave, so […]

How to clean sofa: tips to keep your furniture always clean

clean sofa

The sofa is perhaps the most important piece of furniture in a house, offering comfort and moments of relaxation. As it is not common to change it frequently, it is very important to know how to clean the sofa so that it is always in good condition and maintained. We have some great tips for […]