How to ensure good outdoor lighting in gardens and facades

outdoor lighting

The outdoor areas of the home in capital smart city are places of comfort and relaxation and are extremely important to have good lighting. In addition to providing greater security at night, the external lighting enhances the landscaping and illuminates the circulation areas, all to provide greater comfort. However, some care must be taken with […]

8 tips you need to know before making a makeover

making a makeover

When you want to renovate an apartment, there are two possible ways: you can hire a specialized company, such as Decorati and Home Hero, to avoid worries; or you can do it the traditional way, coordinating everything yourself. If you choose the traditional way, here are 8 tips you need to know before starting your […]

Interior Architectural Design: What You Need to Know Before Transforming Your Home

Interior Architectural Design

Buying an apartment is amazing, but leaving the surroundings to your face is even better. The house is where we spend most of our time, so it deserves all the care to make it the most functional, comfortable, and pleasant place to live. Transforming the apartment is the desire of many, but, after all, how […]

Ceramics and porcelain: what’s the difference?

Ceramics and porcelain

Planning a project or renovation can be a complicated process. After all, there are many details, and it is necessary to pay attention to the types of materials that will be used in the process. This is the case of the choice between ceramic flooring and porcelain. There are different types of patterns, aesthetics, and textures for […]

Types of pool: discover and choose yours!

Types of pool:

In warmer months, all we can think about is relaxing and cooling off; with this, swimming pools become an element desired by many. On top of that, the pool is a great place to throw parties and gather family and friends in the summer. The pools can be of different types and adjust to personal situations, such […]

Latitud Condominium Design, the project that translates the feeling of being in the right place

Condominium Design

Achievements should be valued and celebrated a lot. There is nothing better than the feeling of achieving a goal with merit. Each of us has our own goals, but among the list of goals most common to all is home ownership. Having a beautiful, spacious, comfortable house, located in a special place, is a dream that most […]

Water mirror: what it is, how to use it and spaces to inspire

Water mirror

The house is our refuge, and it is essential, therefore, that it has a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. To achieve this, there are several architectural and decorative resources, and the reflecting pool is a great alternative for those looking for a calmer and more natural environment. In addition to its aesthetic value, this element can also […]

How to apply textures to walls

apply textures to walls

Nowadays, textured walls are on the rise, especially at this time that we are experiencing, where staying at home has been paramount, people have been seeking to make their environments even cozier. The application of textures on the walls is the ideal solution for this situation, as in addition to their captivating aesthetics, textures are […]

Tips for a perfect open house

open house

After conquering the dream of owning a home, there’s nothing better than seizing the moment to open your home and celebrate with your loved ones, right? Promoting an open house is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the acquisition in the comfort of your own home, alongside the people who followed the process and rooted for you! What […]