How to Brighten Your Home During Quarantine


Despite the reopening of commerce in some cities, cultural events, concerts, and parties were canceled. The orientation is to stay at home. However, after so many days, this environment can start to get tedious and even depressing. How to brighten the house during social isolation? Let’s give you some tips. To cook The nights of romantic dinners in restaurants and […]

How to ensure good outdoor lighting in gardens and facades

outdoor lighting

The outdoor areas of the home in capital smart city are places of comfort and relaxation and are extremely important to have good lighting. In addition to providing greater security at night, the external lighting enhances the landscaping and illuminates the circulation areas, all to provide greater comfort. However, some care must be taken with […]

8 tips you need to know before making a makeover

making a makeover

When you want to renovate an apartment, there are two possible ways: you can hire a specialized company, such as Decorati and Home Hero, to avoid worries; or you can do it the traditional way, coordinating everything yourself. If you choose the traditional way, here are 8 tips you need to know before starting your […]

Cozy trend: light wood decor

light wood decor

A house is a place of rest after a day of work, of relaxation and spontaneity on weekends, meeting with loved ones. For that, a cozy house, where you feel embraced when entering it, is so important for the quality of life and well-being. To make the home cozier, there are some key elements that […]

Cement vessels: how to make, customize, tips and inspirations

Cement vessels

Having plants indoors is in vogue. In addition to decorating, the foliage and flowers bring the space to life. Therefore, vases that match each other and with the decoration of the environment are essential, and cement vases are a great option for those looking for personalized and simple elements to place their plants. They can be easily […]

Montessori bedroom – how decoration can encourage children’s autonomy

Montessori bedroom

More than a trendy look, the Montessori room proposes the construction of an environment that promotes curiosity, freedom, and independence. A fever among celebrity moms, the Montessori bedroom is the big trend in the world of children’s decor. With a welcoming and fun atmosphere, the style has attracted followers who are often unaware of its meanings […]

Discover the good energy of lucky bamboo

lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a great option for those who want a small plant at home that is easy to grow and with the bonus of protection and good energy, which is never too much, right? With it, balance and well-being in your decor are guaranteed. Also, it is a very beautiful plant and will bring some […]

DIY Pallet – Decoration using pallets

Decoration using pallets

The pallet decoration is very simple, modern, and also creative. A perfect combination to bring practicality and beauty to your home. Furthermore, it does not need very complex finishes, bringing a greater number of possibilities. The pallet (French palette and English pallet) is a platform used to optimize the transport of heavy loads through the use of forklifts. At the […]

Ideas for creating your winter garden at home

winter garden at home

Vegetation and generous natural lighting are fundamental elements for indoor environments to be pleasant and bring us well-being, especially in houses and apartments, which is where we spend a great deal of time. Winter gardens provide just that. They make the house more cozy, light, airy and spacious. There are several ways to create a winter […]