Brunch: what it is and how to make this beautiful meal at home


Rest days are to be enjoyed, to live in peace and enjoy every moment. Waking up later, spending leisure time at home and having pleasant meals are some of the characteristics of these days. The brunch is perfect for this.

A mix of late breakfast and weekend lunch, brunch is a delicious meal, ideal for enjoying the weekend without leaving home.

What is brunch?

The brunch is a meal that combines breakfast with lunch, which takes place in the late morning to early afternoon.

Perfect for weekends, holidays and vacations, that is, those days when you have more free time, as well as commemorative dates when family or friends get together.

The dishes served at brunch combine elements of both meals, starting with fruit and ending with a slightly heavier dish, with eggs, for example.

Although brunch is quite fashionable these days, it is a meal of British origin during the 19th century, which later became popular in the United States.

The word brunch is a fusion of the English words breakfast and lunch.

Brunch table illustration.

Difference between breakfast and brunch

The brunch, as well as the breakfast more days off, it’s a casual meal, stripped and caring.

Among the dishes served, both share foods such as fruits, juices, coffees, teas, bread and cakes, for example.

The difference is that breakfast is the main meal of the day, happening right after waking up; already brunch happens later, in the late morning, and can stretch up longer than breakfast, especially in the company of friends.

The brunch can count on heavier dishes than breakfast, after all, counts as lunch. Ingredients such as eggs and sausages are very characteristic of this meal.

How to make a nice brunch at home

Having brunch at home is a great idea for having friends over, to enjoy with the family on a Saturday or Sunday at home, and even when you’re too lazy to cook lunch.

Home brunch table. Home brunch table.

To make a delicious brunch at home, start by selecting the dishes you’re going to serve, so you know what ingredients you need. A good tip is to do this organization and shopping at least one day before brunch, so on the day you don’t have to leave the house beforehand and you can enjoy a quiet morning at home.

In addition to the dishes, prepare a beautiful table to enjoy brunch, flowers, fruits, colorful dishes, a vibrant towel, and cloth napkins, for example, are the face of this meal.

Brunch recipes

The brunch menu can vary a lot according to the tastes and preferences of guests, which is also why it is interesting to have a variety of bread, fruits, sweet dishes, snacks, and drinks, making the meal even more tasty and complete.

There are foods that are typical of brunches, such as sliced ​​seasonal fruits, cereals, scrambled eggs, different pieces of bread, such as wholemeal and brioche, croissants, cheese bread and cold cuts.

Cakes, waffles and cookies are great sweet options for brunch and can be served with jams or even a nice dulce de leche.

As main dishes, eggs, savory pies, sandwiches and salads are great options.

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict. Source: Shaping Affection Eggs Benedict.

One of the most classic brunch dishes is the famous Eggs Benedict, a recipe originating in New York, which has become popular and nowadays has lovers all over the world.

Eggs Benedict is nothing more than eggs poached on bread, originally the type Inglês muffin with a slice of good ham, covered in hollandaise sauce.

The yolk in a soft point with the sauce gives the dish succulence, being the perfect comfort for a lazy morning.

American pancakes

American pancakes. Source: Home Stratosphere American pancakes.

Traditional American pancakes are also a great recipe for brunch. Lightly sweet and very fluffy, they can be served with jellies, honey, syrup, fruits, and for those who like sweet sweets, even with chocolate syrup or dulce de leche.

The difference between American pancakes and traditional ones is that American ones are smaller and taller, as they contain yeast in the dough. This makes the pancakes very light, ideal for breakfast and brunch.

To complement it even more, when making the dough you can include red fruits such as blueberries or raspberries, or even sprinkles, colored or chocolate. It will definitely be the children’s favorite dish.


Vegetable quiche and Parma ham. Vegetable quiche and Parma ham.

Savory pies and quiches are dishes that make up the brunch very well. Ideal to be enjoyed in the middle of a meal, after eating fruit and bread, for example.

A vegetable quiche, in addition to being delicious and nutritious, is lighter, and its color will make the brunch table even more beautiful.

Combine the vegetables and vegetables you have at home ⏤ carrots, zucchini and tomatoes are a great choice.

For more flavor, include cheeses and seasonings of your choice.

This dish can be served hot, lukewarm or cold, which is great as you can prepare it beforehand and leave it reserved until brunch time.

Drinks for brunch

In addition to the dishes, drinks are an essential part of brunch and can also be quite varied.

The brunch is a meal that can start with juices, coffees and teas and finish drinks!


Cappuccino, drink for brunch at home.Cappuccino

Preparing specialty coffees is a great idea for brunch at home. Select your favorite cups and indulge in the foam for even more appetizing drinks.

A simple cappuccino can be made special with nice milk foam, a touch of cinnamon or a little piece of chocolate.


Mimosa, drink for brunch at home. Mimosa. The classic brunch drink.

For drinks a brunch, the ideal are those based on white wine and sparkling wine, as they are lighter and more refreshing than other alcoholic beverages.

Mimosa is the face of a morning well spent, with sparkling wine and orange or passion fruit juice.

Prepare the house for brunch

Decorating the house for brunch makes it even more special. The brunch has as one of its main characteristics the fact of being a stripped-down meal, light, young, casual and fun.

Home brunch table. Home brunch table.

Separate those fun dishes, combine different dishes, place them on the table on a patterned tablecloth. Different glasses also add a lot of charm to the table.

Natural flowers are always a good decorating idea. For brunch, choose vibrantly colored flowers and place them in vases and containers of different shapes and sizes.

If the day is sunny and not too cold, brunch at home can also be done outdoors, on the balcony, patio, at a table or as a picnic.

And don’t forget that in addition to dishes, drinks and decoration, brunch is a time to meet and relax, to enjoy around the table on a day off.