8 tips you need to know before making a makeover

making a makeover


When you want to renovate an apartment, there are two possible ways: you can hire a specialized company, such as Decorati and Home Hero, to avoid worries; or you can do it the traditional way, coordinating everything yourself.

If you choose the traditional way, here are 8 tips you need to know before starting your makeover.

Seek inspiration


Before transforming your apartment, you need to have some idea of ​​the final product, that is, know what you want to change.

Look for inspiration by researching, for example, what other people have done and projects that have become famous. Pinterest is a good place to find new ideas.

Assemble your team 

people greeting each other

This is one of the most important parts: you have to choose who you will work with.

Depending on how your renovation will take place, you will need an architect, bricklayer, electrician, carpenter, plumber, among other various professionals.

Assembling a team with qualified and reliable professionals will make all the difference and, for sure, will avoid many headaches. In addition, it is mandatory to present to the condominium manager a restoration plan and a Technical Responsibility Record ( RRT ) or a Technical Responsibility Note (ART).

It is important to remember that, even if you do not hire an architect to do the project, it is this professional, or an engineer, who approves the project and assumes technical responsibility (which is why it is necessary to present the RRT).

According to the rules of the Housing Union (Secovi-SP),  the inspection of compliance with the decree must be carried out by the Public Authorities, the manager, the unit owners, and also the occupants.

Formalize everything in writing 

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One of the hardest things about reform is the misunderstanding. Combining something and then discovering that something different was done, or facing unexpected charges at the end of the work.

To prevent this type of event, it is important to formalize everything in writing, define what will be done, who will provide the materials, if there are guarantees and what the deadlines are.

Furthermore, before formalizing, it is necessary to find out what the possibilities are. That is, if it is really possible to carry out the reform you have in mind.

Therefore, access the Reform Standard of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) (NBR 16.280:2015), and make sure. The standards were created to ensure the safety of residents and the durability of buildings.

According to ABNT:

Any real estate work that alters or compromises the safety of the building or its surroundings must be submitted for analysis by the builder/developer and the designer, within the statutory period (after which the guarantee expires). After this period, it requires a technical report signed by an engineer or architect and urban planner and express authorization from the owner…

The rule determines that an apartment renovation can only be carried out with the presentation of a technical report and renovation plan to the manager, therefore, if you are planning to carry out your renovation in the apartment, it must be communicated to the manager.

Among the reforms that require the presentation of the technical report are: structural changes, changes in hydraulic systems, glazing of balconies, changes in coatings, installation of air conditioning and industrial equipment, among others.

Do the project

people planning

It is important that you define your project together with the team of professionals you have chosen so that they can think of all the possibilities and the best way to carry out each step.

At this point, it is up to professionals to carry out all the necessary measurements to avoid future inconveniences. Can you imagine doing all the renovations and, in the end, discovering that the closet doesn’t fit where you wanted it to?

In the best case, you will be able to get your hands on the original floor plan of the apartment; if it is not possible a complete measurement must be made.

Build a schedule

woman with agenda

Establishing a schedule is very important. If you start with the installation of the floor and then place the cladding, for example, you will see the floor scratched by the scaffolding needed to install the cladding.

Therefore, putting together a schedule is essential, as there is an order to be followed.

1st. Demolition

Take everything you want to change.

2nd. Construction

This is the time to climb walls, whether they are masonry or drywall.

3rd. Electrical and hydraulic infrastructure

It is important to have already built the walls so that the pipes and wires pass through them.

4th. Wall and ceiling lining and lining

It’s time to fill in the holes in the walls and make them smooth, in addition to planning and executing the ceiling lining, usually made of plaster.

5th. Floor

Now that the heaviest part has passed, it’s time to put the floor together with the grout.

6th. marblework

Place the stones and don’t forget to drill holes in the benches at this point. Get ready because the dust won’t below.

7th. Woodwork

When the dust clears, call the woodworker to install everything that is wood.

8th. Finalization

The time of completion includes painting, installation of baseboards, lighting, and retouching.

Be prepared to live with the work

woman with headache

If your neighbor’s work already bothers you, imagine when it happens in your house.

Protect your furniture. If you can put them somewhere else, so much the better. If not, try to cover them as best as possible to protect them from unruly dust particles and ink drops.

In addition, it is important to put protection on the floor, walls, doors, and windows. We don’t want the reform to break more than necessary, do we?

Not to mention the noise and people walking in and out of your house all the time. It is not always possible to stay in a hotel when our house is under construction; all that remains is to live with the noise and that occasional headache.

Be prepared for delays

If there is one thing that completes the work, one thing the work cannot live without, it is a delay.

So don’t despair, wait. Delays are expected on all works.

A pipe broke, delivery was delayed, a bricklayer got sick. The delay always finds its way to show up.

Change the planning. Adapt.

With delays, many other unforeseen events can happen, such as a raw material being out of stock, having a beam in an unexpected location, etc.

Sometimes change happens because, in the middle of the process, you got a better idea.

Don’t be afraid to change the original plan; let the house talk to you.

Plan cleaning

Many people cleaning the floor

At the end of a renovation, the first thing you’ll notice is the dirt, which won’t be small.

You can clean it yourself, but it will be laborious and time-consuming.

The recommendation, then, is to leave it to professionals. A company specialized in post-construction cleaning, with the right products for each material, will be able to do a much more thorough cleaning, removing even excess grout.

It is likely to be more expensive, but if you put at the tip of your pencil all the products you would need to buy to do a cleaning at the same level, you will see that this is a more attractive option than you might think.

In addition, there is the time factor, as a specialized company takes a day or two to finish the job – ideal time if you are in a hurry to get back to life, now with a renovated house.


So, if you intend to carry out a renovation, organize and plan it very well.

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