8 tips to reduce the heat of your apartment in summer

apartment in summer

how to cool the heat inside your apartment

Are you feeling too hot? Find out how to reduce the heat inside your apartment.

Summer arrives and with it comes the heat that, at times, can be excessive, especially since we are in a country with a tropical climate, where the heat is getting stronger.

Many people don’t have air conditioning and can suffer from high temperatures, which is why we’re going to give you eight tips on how to cool the heat and keep your apartment cool in summer even without using this appliance.

1. Use water as your ally

In the fight against heat, water is your best ally. Investing in a small fountain to place around your home can make it much more refreshing.

The humidifier can help with how to cool the heat.

A humidifier or air conditioner are also great options. A tip is to put some ice cubes in the water tank to leverage this strategy.

For those who don’t have either, but want an immediate solution, options such as spreading wet towels, buckets of water around the house or even placing a water bottle in front of the fan can already help to reduce the heat.

Another great idea is to put plants in your apartment. In addition to being a great decoration option, they can refresh your environment because, through their breathing process, they release water, which ends up working as a natural humidifier.

Plants in the decoration of the apartment. Plants contribute to the decoration of the environment and can even make it fresher and more pleasant.

A good option is also to use plants that live without soil, only with water, so the vase will also work as a water mirror. But, in this case, remember to put decorative stones and special gel for gardening, this way you will avoid that your vase is a possible breeding ground for mosquitoes.

2. Avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible

The heat from the sun can heat up your apartment too, so keep your blinds or window shades closed during the day.

Choose, preferably, a light-colored curtain to have in your apartment, as the dark color absorbs more light, therefore, making it warmer and warming the air in your home.

Apartment with little sun exposure. Little sun exposure and the use of light curtains can ease the heat in your apartment.

The use of light colors applies to the entire apartment (bed linen, pillows, decorative items, among others); the more light-colored objects you have, the better, as they will absorb less heat from light.

Another efficient strategy is to isolate rooms that are in sunlight; just closing the door can help keep warm air from spreading through the house, which helps to dampen the heat.

3. Undress your apartment

We wear clothes to stay warm and the same principle can be applied to your apartment. Thick rugs on the floor, covers or blankets on the sofa, pillows, stuffed animals and even discarded clothes can serve as thermal insulation and help keep the heat indoors.

Environment with objects that can heat the environment: it is best to avoid these elements. Environment with objects that can heat the environment. Source: Pinterest

Move your objects around, since the excess of these makes the environments stuffier. Therefore, organize your wardrobe and remove all objects that can serve as thermal insulation, so you’ll get a cooler environment in summer.

4. Make the air circulate

This is an important point, as ensuring a constant airflow in the house is essential. Open the windows and turn on the fans to create a steady stream of air, renewing your home’s oxygen and preventing the hot environment from remaining.

Environment with open windows: contributes to how to soften the heat. Environment with open window. Source: Pinterest

Placing fans high up is a good strategy for dampening the heat, as hot air tends to rise and the fan can push you out of your apartment, ensuring cooler air.

On days of extreme heat, you may encounter a situation where the air inside your home is at a lower temperature than outside.

For these days, it’s a good idea to wait for the sun to go down. When the breeze gets cooler, open your windows and let the air flow through your apartment and close them when the air starts to heat up again.

5. Change your light bulbs

The lamps, in addition to illuminating, produce heat, so changing incandescent lamps, which would be hot, for white, which would be cold, is already a good solution.

Person installing an LED light bulb. Led lamp.

However, the best bet would be to use LED lamps, which, in addition to being more economical and durable, also help reduce heat indoors.

6. Avoid turning on too many appliances 

Have you ever been near a household appliance that was turned on and it was hot? Well, appliances also release a lot of heat, that is, the more appliances being used, the warmer the environment will be.

So the ideal way to reduce the heat is to turn off everything you are not using. The trick is to unplug everything, because the more appliances you turn off, the better the thermal sensation.

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7. Bet on cold floors

The floor of your apartment also greatly influences the temperature of the environment, so it is interesting to opt for a cooler floor, such as porcelain, ceramic, burnt cement, among others.

Cold flooring for environments can contribute to how to soften the heat.

Cold floor for environments.

You can adapt the floor to your style and still leave your environment fresher, as the options are very wide and differentiated.

8. Don’t forget you

In summer, our bodies are also warmer, so in addition to using the tips to keep your apartment cooler, cool your body too.

Six glasses of water flavored with fruits such as watermelon, lemons and oranges. Bet on your body’s hydration!

For this, drink cold drinks, take cold showers, especially at night before bed, wet your wrists and your neck with cold water and bet on light clothing that does not stick to the body.

Summer is coming, so take advantage of these tips on how to reduce the heat in your apartment and ensure a much cooler and more pleasant environment. Do you know any more tips to reduce the heat? Leave it here in the comments.