How to Brighten Your Home During Quarantine


Despite the reopening of commerce in some cities, cultural events, concerts, and parties were canceled. The orientation is to stay at home. However, after so many days, this environment can start to get tedious and even depressing. How to brighten the house during social isolation? Let’s give you some tips. To cook The nights of romantic dinners in restaurants and […]

How to ensure good outdoor lighting in gardens and facades

outdoor lighting

The outdoor areas of the home in capital smart city are places of comfort and relaxation and are extremely important to have good lighting. In addition to providing greater security at night, the external lighting enhances the landscaping and illuminates the circulation areas, all to provide greater comfort. However, some care must be taken with […]

8 tips you need to know before making a makeover

making a makeover

When you want to renovate an apartment, there are two possible ways: you can hire a specialized company, such as Decorati and Home Hero, to avoid worries; or you can do it the traditional way, coordinating everything yourself. If you choose the traditional way, here are 8 tips you need to know before starting your […]

Interior Architectural Design: What You Need to Know Before Transforming Your Home

Interior Architectural Design

Buying an apartment is amazing, but leaving the surroundings to your face is even better. The house is where we spend most of our time, so it deserves all the care to make it the most functional, comfortable, and pleasant place to live. Transforming the apartment is the desire of many, but, after all, how […]

How urban mobility influences your quality of life

urban mobility influences

Shared bikes, electric scooters, hitchhiking apps, these and other ways to get around can make life easier for those willing to give it a try. Save time, gain quality of life, change the way you move. Time passes at every moment, time doesn’t stop, but if you live in São Paulo you might be used […]

Brunch: what it is and how to make this beautiful meal at home


Rest days are to be enjoyed, to live in peace and enjoy every moment. Waking up later, spending leisure time at home and having pleasant meals are some of the characteristics of these days. The brunch is perfect for this. A mix of late breakfast and weekend lunch, brunch is a delicious meal, ideal for enjoying the weekend without leaving home. What […]

Ceramics and porcelain: what’s the difference?

Ceramics and porcelain

Planning a project or renovation can be a complicated process. After all, there are many details, and it is necessary to pay attention to the types of materials that will be used in the process. This is the case of the choice between ceramic flooring and porcelain. There are different types of patterns, aesthetics, and textures for […]

Cozy trend: light wood decor

light wood decor

A house is a place of rest after a day of work, of relaxation and spontaneity on weekends, meeting with loved ones. For that, a cozy house, where you feel embraced when entering it, is so important for the quality of life and well-being. To make the home cozier, there are some key elements that […]

Club Condominium: know what it is and discover the advantages

Club Condominium

The condominium club is a trend that is here to stay and is present in several cities around the world and also throughout Brazil, after all, living with comfort and infrastructure is a privilege that can be essential for a better daily life for the family. Living in a condominium-club ⏤ with spaces prepared for […]